Piggyback Labels Overview

The unusual name these labels carry comes from their design – they are made up of two labels, one “piggyback riding” on the other, or one on top of the other. Both are self-adhesive, but the top is peelable and can be reapplied elsewhere, while the bottom label stays affixed to the original surface.

According to their size, we divide piggyback labels into three groups: “nested”, “flush cut”, and “flush cut with tab”. Nested piggyback labels are very convenient to use because the top label is smaller than the bottom, which makes the customer immediately aware of the piggyback label and it makes peeling the top label easier. Flush cut means both labels are of equal size, and it makes the peeling a little bit more difficult. However, this gives you more label size options. Flush cut piggyback labels with tabs are the same as flush cut labels, except the top label contains a small tab, or two tabs, that make removing it easier.

Piggyback labels application range is wide. They are used in healthcare industry, for mail delivery, tax returns, promotional materials, sweepstakes, business reply cards, product registrations, merchandise returns, legal documentation, etc. They are perfect for getting a response from potential clients who receive promotional material, for different kinds of tracking, for minimizing errors, etc.

In order to better understand how piggyback labels are used, let’s take a tour with Piggyback Label Pros and discover the benefits of these applications.